The Executive Committee of the   Zululand Business Institute’s main goal is:
To ad value to Business in the City of  uMhlatuze and the community at large.

Business owners ask the question “What’s in it for me?” When they are approached to become mebers of the  Zululand Business Institute, consider the following;

1.Community Involvement.
The ZBI has a responsability towards the community.  Every year a Community based organisation who requires assistance is identified . This organisation is then assisted either financialy or with expertise in the ZBI, or both.

2.News Letters.
A quarterly News letter is distributed to all members to keep them up to date on events and happenings in the ZBI. News letters  from the national office are also made available. Members are encouraged to share important information for publication in the news letters. This is also the medium where new members are welcomed.

3.Marketing of your business.
This is done via the News letters where your information of your business are made available to the other members.

4.Busines of the year competition.
The  Zululand Business Institute has annual Business and Business person competition. You become eligeble by being a paid up member of the ZBI. The winners of this competition automatically qualify for the Provincial competition and may also qualify for the National competition. A lucky draw is done from all the business cards collected at all the meetings of the ZBI.

5.Representatiuon at Government.
As a member you have auto matic representation at National, Provincial and local Government. Your views and input can be aired at the local ZBI member meetings and delgations to these sphers of Government.

6.Labour and Labour relate dissues.
As a memebr you get affiliated to the AHI Emplyers Organisation that is rgeistered to assist with any Labour related  issues , even the CCMA.  Regular courses and training are available for members in the Labour field.

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