OMNI not just Accounting ------

In addition to the core accounting functions, Omni addresses the “below the (Accounting) line” administrative activities such as manufacturing and distribution etc which, like the core accounting modules (General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Cash Book), are critical to businesses.

OMNI being a fully integrated system means that all supplementary modules rely on and integrate with the core accounting modules, eliminating duplicate entries and ensuring that they always remain in sync.

“Omni Software is a highly efficient yet easy to use accounting system that delivers focused and effective business solutions, and will meet All your expectations”

OMNI Accounting Software is highly recommended by Zululand Business Institute and is also used by ZBI to manage our Financial and Administration housekeeping.

ZBI will also assist its members to install and to utilise the full potential Omni Accounting Software. Please visit the OMNI webpage!