8. PEST (LE) ANALYSIS TOOL - NEW CovidV-19 Business Environment

PEST (LE) is a mnemonic which in its expanded form denotes P for Political, E for Economics, S for Social, T for Technological, L for Legal and E for Environment/Ethics. It gives a bird’s eye view of the whole new CoronaV-19 environment from many different angels that one wants to check and keep track of while contemplating on a certain idea/plan for this unknown environment!

Please supply ZULBI Pest Desk with your own research, experience, insight etc. of the effects of CovidV-19, on your business, analysing the above categories. Please communicate with the desk per e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This Analysis will be an active working document on our Webpage. It is very important that ZULBI’s Executive Committee receives active and continues support of members to compile this important Analysis Tool. Then, an only then, it will become an essential and indispensable tool that will encourage and create ideas to influence, manage or change your business environment. It will be your most important tool in your Strategic Planning.


Provicional Example of strategic topics covered in our PEST (LE) Analysis:


  • Structural shifts in the local (global) economy
  • Legislation
  • Political Powerblocs.


  • Population demographics
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Employment and unemployment
  • Food

Economic trends:

  • Economic trends
  • Trading blocs
  • Trade and Investments
  • Infrastructural spending
  • Where governments and businesses are investing


  • Technological innovations
  • How technology is being used for communication, marketing, distribution and managerial accounting (Financial and Admin Management)
  • How technology is being used to transform products and service organisations.


  • Ways businesses relate to their customers, suppliers and the societies within which they operate
  • The changing focus on successful businesses
  • Systems, processes and technologies used by successful organisations.

NB: As soon as the members are participating a specific platform will be developed!